About Cool.Not Cool

How many times have you experienced something and said, “Now that’s cool.”? Similarly, how many times have you had the opposite reaction and said, “Not cool. Not cool at all.”?

I have both of these responses daily.

I constantly bump up against cool things that give me joy. It might be as small as a newly-bloomed flower or as significant as the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Rotary International‘s End Polio Now campaign. Both things are worthy of being upheld for their own reasons. That is one reason for Cool.NotCool, the blog.

There are also times when I find that the world and its inhabitants are not cool. So this blog is also a place for me to hold up for closer scrutiny both the mildly irritating (e.g. cigarette butt litter on College Street) and the truly offensive (e.g. child labour in the fashion industry). If the pen, or the keyboard, is truly mightier than the sword, then perhaps some ranting and focused public attention will help transform the not cool into something more life affirming. That is another reason for Cool.NotCool.

Selfishly, Cool.NotCool gives me an opportunity to do two things I love: write and communicate with a public audience. Oh yes, and to share photos! If any of my posts or images connect with you, please share them with others who could use some “cool” in their lives. And the “not cool” posts should be shared too please. Help shed a light on things that need to change.

Thanks for reading. And thanks, in advance, for sharing!

About Mary Lou Harrison (me)

  1. I am an ideas person, an extrovert, and generally enthusiastic about life.
  2. I am easily distracted by “shiny things” and tend to fall down a lot of rabbit holes in a day, but the adventure is usually worth the trip!
  3. I usually think we can do better, and I believe that change is possible.
  4. I believe in speaking the truth in love.
  5. I think that people and the planet are important and need our friendship, care, and attention.

Enough about me. Please get back to reading and sharing Cool.NotCool.  You’re also welcome to contact me if you’d like to know more. Same deal if you have any writing, editing, or other needs with which I could assist on a freelance basis. I’m always happy to help!